Our commitment to you

Candidate-Employee Experience has been a priority for AB for many years now; we aim to distinguish ourselves and convey to individuals who get in touch with us one of our most important values: ethics.

AB has chosen to review its recruiting process through a sustainability lens

In line with the corporate journey, which has progressively strengthened its focus on sustainability, AB decided to review the recruiting process from this perspective as well.

Employee Experience largely consists of the employee-company interaction dynamics and includes the employee's perception of work processes, tools and corporate culture.

We want the candidate experience to also be a satisfying and comprehensive journey of progressive knowledge of the company in all its phases, regardless of the outcome of the recruiting process.

Our challenge is to guide you step inside the organization through an experiential journey of storytelling, dialogue, and future vision. Our people will help you understand if we can be your best choice for your career path. We encourage you not only to listen but also to get to know your future colleagues and managers and interact with them!

We aim to provide you with an informative and valuable experience so that you end the process aware of the real and concrete commitment that AB puts into selecting its people and having motivated and enthusiastic colleagues on board.

Here's how we envision the candidate's journey progressing through the various steps:

1. Let's get to know each other

We receive your CV, and you receive information about us; how?

Sharing information about our organization: who AB is in Italy and around the world, how we position ourselves; how our company operates, what makes us unique compared to our competitors; and our cultural traits.

Experiencing the company through videos and testimonials.

2. Meet our Talent Acquisition team

We'll tell you about the company through AB's people strategy, i.e., how we value our people and how the behavioral values we seek in the new professional figure we are looking for are an integral part of living in AB.

The values we talk about are not just a slogan but find concrete application in the employees. Stay tuned not only to what the people you meet will tell you but also to how they experience and live the company.

3. Listen to the voice of our HRBP

The role of the HR Business Partner will be to tell you about the company from an organizational point of view, also acting as a spokesperson for the founding and distinctive values.

It will also illustrate how, thanks to AB's ingredients, it was possible to achieve the goals regarding sustainability.

4. Dialogue and engage with our Managers

The Manager will tell you how these values ​​are declined within his team.

In addition to describing the activities related to the role, there will be an important part related to the soft skills that will allow you to perform the activity in the best possible way.

5. Job offer: dialogue again with HR

Are you ready to join the team? Have you identified yourself with our values? Did you discover something important during this journey?

If the answer is yes, the goal has been partly achieved. Now the HRBP will share with you our job offer, highlighting the value of both economics and intangible elements. You will have the opportunity to establish an open and transparent dialogue with us to find the ideal solution together.

The researches comply with d.lgs. 198/2006 and are open to candidates of any gender expression, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity and religious belief, respecting diversity and inclusion.